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Bronzing Brush | shoeberry


quick overview

The soft, domed cream Bronzing brush from The Vintage Cosmetic Company distributes bronzer evenly across the face, leaving you with a sun-kissed glow.


Bask in your sun-kissed look all year round with our cream Bronzing brush. Whether you want to add a tanned glimmer to your face or contour those cheekbones, the cream Bronzing brush is here to help!

The specially designed domed bristles help to avoid patches, and keep your skin looking even and radiant for longer.

The cream Bronzing brush, which is made out of synthetic bristles, is approximately 195mm from tip to the end of the handle.


  1. Dab the head of your brush in your favourite bronzer, tapping the excess bronzer off.
  2. Create a ‘3’ on both sides of your face. Start at the forehead, dust along the cheeks and sweep past your jawline to your chin.
  3. Wearing your hair up? Sweep it behind your neck for an even finish.
  4. You’re ready! Unleash your inner-bronzed goddess.
  5. Keep safe in The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s luxurious cream Brush Roll along with your collection of The Vintage Cosmetic Company brushes!


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