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Emery board twin pack floral | shoeberry


quick overview

Smooth away rough edges with the floral print twin pack Emery Boards from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. The nail file is perfect for shaping and smoothing before applying nail polish


Suitable for use on all types of nails, The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Emery Boards are perfect for nail emergencies. Why not pop one pretty emery board into your handbag, and leave one at home or in the office, ensuring that you have a quick and easy way to smooth away snags and help prevent breakages. Let’s make chipped nails history!

Size in length: 181mm.


  1. Make sure your nails are super-clean and ready for filing.
  2. Cut your nails to your desired length using The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s cute Nail Clippers.
  3. Hold the Emery Board at an angle so that the board slides upwards on your nails. Using minimum pressure, file your nails in one direction (to avoid jagged edges).
  4. To complete a mini manicure use The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s nail Scissors to remove any hang-nails.
  5. Why not keep it all safe and clean in The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s small floral Make-up bag. Perfect handbag size!


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