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Pedicure Purse Pink Floral | shoeberry


quick overview

This lovely Pedicure Purse in pink floral satin holds everything you need to keep your toes in tip-top shape. Whether you’re on the move or polishing up at home, this purse is perfect for all your pedicure emergencies! Each tool is designed to keep your toes looking fab, day or night, and they’re all made with quality long-lasting stainless steel.


Clip clip clip

These toenail clippers are perfect to trim long or broken nails.

Snip snip snip

These pretty little scissors are great for all your pedicure emergencies.

For cute cuticles

Push and clean dual tool

Apply a cuticle cream to your nails and soak in warm water to soften. Then gently push back your cuticles with the larger cuticle pusher. Next step, clean under and around the nail with the narrower end of the tool.

Trim trim trim

Use this cuticle tool to trim any nasty hangnails and keep your cuticles in tip-top shape.

Twinkle toes

Simply pop these comfy separators between your toes before applying your favourite polish to achieve smudge free nails. Simply remove once dry!

Shape, clean, dab

Use these handy little orange sticks to shape the base of the nail, clean underneath it or dab up any polish mishaps!


Hot tips for a longer lasting polish

1. Ensure your toenails are clean and dry.

2. Always apply a base coat to prevent your nails from discolouring.

3. Apply your polish over the top of your toenail, if the polish stops flush with the edge it will chip more easily.

4. Apply a top coat to seal the deal.

5. Now admire your gorgeous feet.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children


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