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Lip brush

Lip Brush | shoeberry


quick overview

For a long lasting finish, use the cream Lips brush from The Vintage Cosmetic Company to apply gloss or lipstick. The tight tip allows precise application for a perfect pout.


The cream Lips brush is essential when applying lipstick or gloss. The precision tip makes it easy to stay within the lines and helps the product to last longer, meaning you won’t have to re-apply every time you have a drink or something to eat!

Keep your Lip brush, which comes with a handy head for busy on-the-go girls, with you at all times. You never know when your lips might need some attention!

Use the cream Lips brush instead of the lipstick tip or gloss wand for a more even finish. The brush, which is made from synthetic bristles, is approximately 100mm in length when closed.


  1. Load this adorable brush with your favourite lip colour. We suggest a pale pink or nude for light skin, coral for medium skin and maroon or dark red for darker skin.
  2. Frame the lips by working the lip colour steadily along the lip line.
  3. Fill in the lips with colour, adding a little gloss to make your lips look extra kissable!


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