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Original - Pink striped manicure purse boxed front

Manicure Purse Pink Striped | shoeberry


quick overview

This compact, pink candy striped purse from The Vintage Cosmetic Company includes all of your manicure essentials. It comes complete with manicure Scissors, Nail Clippers, a Cuticle Pusher and an Emery Board for neat, tidy nails.


This pretty Manicure Purse from The Vintage Cosmetic Company holds all the essentials and is perfect to take when you’re on your travels or to use at home. This super cute purse comes complete with your manicure must-haves.

Each tool is designed to keep your fingers or toes looking perfect, day or night, and they’re all made with quality long-lasting stainless steel.

Product sizes in length: Scissors – 85mm, Emery Board – 100mm, Cuticle pusher – 90mm, Nail clippers – 55mm.


  1. Use the floral print manicure Scissors to trim any misshapen nails on the go. To avoid ingrowing nails, don’t cut all the way down to the nail bed.
  2. Use Nail Clippers to quickly clip hang nails on the go. The heavy-duty Nail Clippers will have your nails looking gorgeous in no time.
  3. If your nail beds are in need of a bit of TLC, lightly push your cuticles with the Cuticle Pusher for longer nails.
  4. Use The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Emery Board to straighten up your nails. Remember, only file in one direction to avoid jagged edges.


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