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Original - Red polka dot manicure purse boxed front

Manicure Purse red polka dot | shoeberry


quick overview

A cute little manicure purse in our Rosie spot fabric. Purse contains scissors, nail clippers, emery board and cuticle pusher all made from high quality stainless steel and covered in our signature floral print


A cute little manicure purse in our Rosie spot fabric. Purse contains;

Floral scissors, Snip snip snip…
These pretty little scissors covered in our pretty floral print are perfect for all those little manicure emergencies.
Made from stainless steel.

Floral nail clippers,Clip clip clip ….
These nail clippers are covered in our signature print and are perfect to trim long or broken nails.
Trim your nail to your desired length. Use with care.
Made from stainless steel.

Cuticle pusher, Push push push…
Apply a cuticle cream to your nails then soak for ten minutes in soapy water to soften the cuticles.
Wrap a cotton swab around the cuticle pusher before using this tool to push back your cuticles.
Keeps nail beds neat and tidy.
Made from stainless steel and covered in our floral print.

Floral Emery board for shaping and smoothing.
Use this gorgeous emery board to shape and smooth away any rough edges. Suitable for use on soft, weak and fragile acrylic and gel nails.
This is the perfect file for all nail emergencies.

Top Tips: Keep this pretty manicure set all to yourself, sharing can lead to infections.

Caution: Sharp instruments. Please keep these out of reach of children. Do not drop your nail clippers or scissors. This can damage the blades and throw them out of alignment.


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