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Pink slanted tweezers

Slanted tweezers soft powder pink | shoeberry


quick overview

Pluck to perfection with the soft powder pink slanted Tweezers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. Soft and velvety to the touch for extra grip, the high quality, stainless steel Tweezers come boxed and complete with a precision tip for defined plucking


The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s high quality stainless steel pink Tweezers are perfect for precise brow shaping. Whether you prefer a sleek look, or just want to tame some unruly hairs, our angled tip will provide you with the most precise plucking.

To get the most out of your Tweezers, tweeze in the direction of hair growth. We’d also recommend tweezing after a bath or shower, using a hot towel to open pores.

Warning! Do not drop Tweezers. This can damage the tip and throw Tweezers out of alignment.

Size in length: 99mm.


  1. Open the pores with a hot towel, or tweeze just after a bath or shower. This will stop redness or blotchiness.
  2. For general tweezing and maintaining, use the slanted side, plucking in the direction of the hair growth. Flip the Tweezers to use the high side of the slanted edge for precision work.
  3. When you’re looking plucked to perfection, close your pores with cold water or astringent.
  4. Wait five minutes to apply make-up.
  5. To define your eyebrow shape use a little colour to suit on Precision shadow brush and shape your brows to enhance your eyes.
  6. To perfect your brows use The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s Brow and Lash brush to brush brows into shape and comb lashes to frame your beautiful eyes


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